• Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday Sale (53)

    Early Black-Friday jewelry sale on one-of-a-kind, Made in USA designer jewelry made in Naples, Florida. Shop now!
  • Bracelets

    Bracelets (15)

    Made in USA bead bracelets designed with healing gemstones, glass, metal and handcrafted clay. Every design is unique creating positive vibes. Shop our handmade, one-of-a-kind, healing bracelets today!
  • Christian Necklaces

    Christian Necklaces (10)

    Design your own Christian cross necklace choosing the bead color and cross or choose a Christian cross necklace we've already designed. Boldly Beaded Jewelry is proud to be a leading Christian Jewelry designer in the USA. Create a faith message for God around your neck today with one of our beautifully crafted cross necklaces.
  • Designer Earrings

    Designer Earrings (9)

    From wild to subtle, find the perfect pair of earrings, Made in USA, by Boldly Beaded Jewelry. We specialize in Made in USA jewelry featuring shells, wood, international beads and gemstones. 5G Protection earrings, positive vibes jewelry, and hand rolled clay earrings.
  • Kids Jewelry

    Kids Jewelry (7)

    Made in USA kids jewelry crafted by a kid and Boldly Beaded Jewelry. All profits from the Compassion Bracelet and Necklace are donated to Compassion International. Share the gift of giving with a small gift from Boldly Beaded Jewelry today for Easter, Christmas, Birthday and Baptism gifts!
  • 5G Protection Jewelry

    5G Protection Jewelry (7)

    Gemstone jewelry designed to reduce 5G radiation exposure. Made in USA 5G protection necklaces, 5G protection earrings. Designer jewelry that protects you from harmful radiation and delivers positive vibes in style.
  • Designer Jewelry Collections

    Designer Jewelry Collections (21)

    For the woman seeking a one-of-a-kind design, you'll find designs here that you will find nowhere else. Made in USA, designer jewelry collections with matching necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. BBJ specializes in positive vibes jewelry with the goal of empowering customers to feel brighter, bolder, and more confident. Have fun browsing our designer jewelry collections today!
  • Gemstone Jewelry

    Gemstone Jewelry (15)

    Healing gemstone jewelry nurtures the body. With 5G protection jewelry, this gemstone jewelry packs a powerful healing punch.  Create positive vibes with Made in USA gemstone jewelry. We use the highest quality gemstones to maximize gemstone healing properties. This collection includes fashion and faith gemstone jewelry.
  • International Jewelry

    International Jewelry (15)

    Our International Jewelry, World Bead Collection, features bead from across the globe in USA Made jewelry. Glass and gemstone jewelry featuring beads from Italy, Africa, Asia, Australia, and U.S. The World Bead Collection creates positive vibes and a world view of fashion.
  • Necklaces

    Necklaces (41)

    Designer jewelry by Florida-based Boldly Beaded Jewelry. Necklaces showacase fine gemstones, one-of-a-kind designs, and stunning bright clay beads. Handcrafted by Naples, Florida jewelry designer, Boldly Beaded Jewelry.
  • Resin Art

    Resin Art (1)

    Put the beach next to your bed or feature it on your favorite wall, with this resin beach art made by Boldly Beaded Jewelry. Made in USA art.
  • Statement Necklaces

    Statement Necklaces (10)

    Made in USA statement necklace handcrafted by Boldly Beaded Jewelry. Our jewelry team creates statement necklaces by hand molding, texturizing, baking, and painting clay. Average design time for items in this shop area is 7 hours. Shop Boldly Beaded Jewelry's Statement Necklace Collection today!