Boldly Beaded Jewelry

Customized Made in USA Jewelry

At Boldly Beaded Jewelry, we design one-of-a-kind and two pieces are never the same. Some days we are happy and pink, other days you’ll see us post designs that are dark and bold. Whatever look is yours, Boldly Beaded Jewelry offers beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and resin art to match your mood and style.

There are two primary collections, Faith Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry. The Christian Faith Collection launched with raving success in October 2020, and designs use biblically inspired number patterns for beads, Made in USA crosses and high-quality beads to ensure the necklaces last with you during your walk with God on earth.

Customized jewelry should be affordable, all the while also giving a strong statement that you are one-of-a-kind, as you are intended to be.

custom jewelry made in USA
Customized Christian Jewelry to share faith.
Made in USA Custom Clay and Glass Jewelry
Handcrafted Beads & Fashion Statement Jewelry.

The jewelry boutique’s handmade resin and polymer clay bead jewelry deliver bold style. while some pieces, as pictured above, are vividly bright and bold, other custom jewelry designs are “Subtle Not Quiet,” which is why we’ve named the collection exactly that. We can be bold and confident without screaming our confidence.

Jewelry Styles Available

Handcrafted Polymer clay beads intricately woven with glass and galvanized metal beads. High quality and well crafted. Creating polymer clay beads requires skill to meticulously mix and style the clay for the desired appearance ranging from faux agate to colorful round beads, and then beads are shaped, baked and sealed with a gloss shine or resin.

How do I order Custom Jewelry?

To order a custom jewelry piece, just click Email Us in the top menu. We create custom orders for weddings, baptisms, graduation parties and much more. Each piece remains handcrafted for a custom design. Custom design jewelry, by request, ranges in cost between $40 and $100 depending on the length of the necklace and the requested bead style (gemstones increase the cost).

Resin Art

Resin Art Beach Wave style is a passion of ours. We live in Florida, so this art style is quite popular. Seeking resin art not with beach style? I can create any resin wave or color mix you need to fit your home or office’s style. Just email us to request a design. The above pictured design is available on Shopify – just click the Shopify link in the menu to view all of our available products.