Fatigue Protection Dangles – Black Agate and Red Coral Earrings


Beautiful 6mm striped agate beads and small red coral dangle earrings, which hang 1.5 inches. A small, yet bold earring set with red and black.  Agate is believe to reduce stress and fatigue. Handcrafted and Made in USA.

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Feel vivacious and energetic wearing these genuine Red Coral, Black Agate dangle earrings.  The earrings match our 5G Protection necklaces and are lightweight. Whether looking for genuine, energetic gemstones or a hot, fashionable look, these earrings are powerfully energetic.

Dangle Length: 1.5 inches featuring 6mm striped agate and red coral disc beads.

What are the properties of agate and coral?

The agate is thought to protect from fatigue, nightmares, and stress. It was during biblical times that Agates were worn as jewelry as protection against impending storms. Many people wear agate as a calming, protective stone.

Lightweight, these energy protection stones may help reduce headaches if you are around a lot of 5G especially when paired with our Black Tourmaline 5G Protection necklace.

Protect your health and energy with Boldly Beaded Jewelry’s 5G protection and healing gemstone collection.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in