5G Protection Necklace Black Tourmaline 18 Inches


18-inch, 5G protection necklace with Black tourmaline, red Agate, and Lava beads. Black Tourmaline is known to disrupt electronic signals if large pieces are worn or placed on electronic devices. Be gorgeous and protected! Made in USA by Boldly Beaded Jewelry, a Naples, Florida jewelry store.

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An energy boosting and 5G Disruption Necklace with Red Coral and Black Tourmaline. Our 5G Protection Jewelry includes this 18-inch necklace with Black Tourmaline and Red Agate. The tourmaline uses the heat of the body to create a powerful, protective energy field.

Reduce 5G radiation harmful effects and electronic disruptions by wearing natural gemstones with properties know for protection.


  • Black Tourmaline, when heated by the body or electronics disrupts negative energy and electronic signals including electricity.
    • Read more about Black Tourmaline and how it protects your energy while dissipating electronic disruptions. View here.
  • Coral and Lava work together to create energy and absorb and repel negative energy fields. Lava connects us to the Root Chakra.
  • Striped Agate is protective and grounding.
  • Red Agate improves love and vitality.

A 5G protection necklace has been shown, using raw gemstones, to reduce radiation exposure by up to 80%. Placing tourmaline on a wi-fi router, for example, can prevent it from streaming full speed. This healing 5G protection necklace features bold 12mm Lava beads, striped Agate, black and white handmade clay beads, red dyed Coral, and extra large red Agate tube beads. The drop pendant is Agate with a raw Black Tourmaline crystal.

Tierra cast toggle clasp is Made in USA and is permanently coated; will not tarnish. View the matching earrings available in our 5G Protection Jewelry.

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The FDA does not review claims on crystal energy or protection. 

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

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