5G Protection Necklace Black Tourmaline 17-Inches


A 5G Protection Necklace with raw Black tourmaline, Agate, Lava beads, and red Coral. Black Tourmaline creates a protective field against 5G radiation exposure. This 17-inch necklace delivers positive energy properties as a 5G Necklace. Black Tourmaline and Obsidian are both known for connection to the root chakra and Tourmaline disrupts electronic disruption.

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A 5G Protection Necklace using Black tourmaline which assists in reducing EMF exposure. This 17-inch 5G protection necklace dissipates negative energy and the Black Tourmaline can energize the body’s immune responses. View a study about Black Tourmaline.

Handcrafted 5G Protection Jewelry, Made in USA, by Boldly Beaded Jewelry, features the highest quality gemstones with the goal to reduce 5G exposure.


  • Black Tourmaline, when heated by the body or electronics, tourmaline breaks up electronic disruptions, boost the body’s immune responses and can be placed over electronic devices!
  • Coral and Lava work together to create energy and absorb and repel negative energy fields.
  • Striped Agate is protective and is believed to improve vitality.
  • Black Obsidian is lava cooled with a glassy texture. Black Obsidian is known for connection to the root chakra
  • Read more about Black Tourmaline and how it protects your energy while dissipating electronic disruptions. View here.

A 5G Protection Necklace that delivers a sexy appeal to natural energy protection..

The energy protection and boosting necklace is designed with a Made in USA Tierra Cast toggle clasps.  Matching earrings are available, click here.

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The FDA does not review claims on crystal energy or properties. 

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

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