Boldly Beaded Jewelry’s Story

My name is Camden Smith, and I am the owner, well the leader, of Boldly Beaded Jewelry. My 4-year-old daughter London believes she is the marketer and part owner. She and I fell in love with polymer clay art when she was a baby. She loved to make a mess and create “food” out of clay, while I toiled away at new, adventurous, creative paths from holiday bowls to statement jewelry.

In 2020, during the COVID 19 shut down, London and I spent more time than ever together during the day while I worked and she was home. During that time, God blessed us with a renewed connection for the peace that arts and crafts provides, and London encouraged me to be brave and sell “your beautiful jewelry mama.”

She and I created Boldly Beaded Jewelry together. She reviews my jewelry creations and believe it or not at 4 years old she has a fantastic eye for creative uses of color. We invite you to browse our shop and remember it is our hands that create every single piece, so if there is custom jewelry you would like please reach out to us through email.

Our prices are reasonable, because BBJ’s mission is to share our Christian jewelry line and passion for creativity.